As the years move us further and further away from the realities of the Vietnam War and recognition of those who served, we must find ways to keep alive the memories of the those who sacrificed for us, and honor those who returned home to an unwelcome nation. The release of this documentary provides a special opportunity to increase Hampton Roads’ audiences’ connections to this war through community engagement and dialogue.

Providing a platform for conversations requires a channel to elicit open dialogue and connect individuals to a shared experience. As art is a neutral convener that can connect individuals regardless of ethnicity, gender, orientation or age, WHRO will offer a glimpse into the lives and experiences of soldiers, friends and family through various art forms. Through live readings, an art display, and interactive digital content, audiences will have a greater connection to, compassion for, and understanding of events and realities of The Vietnam War.

To launch this epic series, WHRO will offer three preview screenings for our audience. Each screening will include a special unique presentation. For dates and times, visit our events page.